Califlour Foods Review – Gluten free, Nutritious Pizza Crusts

Califlour Foods, launched in March 2016, is a woman-owned business, showing rapid growth and popularity due to the quality of its products. Califlour Foods is a pioneer in making cauliflower pizza crusts which are tasty, healthy and allergy-free. Entrepreneur Amy Lacey set out to create the brand as a result of suffering from an auto-immune disease and the end result is a product which is extremely popular across America.

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Califlour Foods are endorsed by celebrities, families and master chefs who are looking at healthier alternatives for their daily food. Califlour is a trendsetter which is far ahead in the field as far as healthy food alternatives like cauliflower crusts are concerned.

What are the products available on Califlour Foods?

They offer califlower crusts which are of 4 different types

  • Original Italian – the mixture of cauliflower, cheese, egg, spices
  • Sweet red pepper– a mix of the above + sweet red pepper + a hint of garlic
  • A spicy jalapeno – additional ingredient jalapeno
  • Plant-based cauliflower crust(egg and dairy free)
  • Besides these tasty crusts, you have merchandise which looks exciting like tees and bags.

They come in starter packs, 3 Pack, 5 Pack and 6 Pack capacities.

Why should you buy from Califlour Foods?

  • Califlour foods are made from the freshest ingredients, which are simple, have incredible nutritional value and taste
  • They are straight-from-the-farm and are fully baked before it goes to the customers. They contain lower carbs (6 grams) and calories(180) and have significantly fewer proteins as well, a great option for Keto Dieters
  • We tried the Starter pack and were bowled over by the flavors, even kids keep asking for more! For those who crave for a pizza very often, all you’ve got to do is just add your favorite toppings and pop it into the oven
  • The jalapeno is a hands-down favorite of many for its tanginess and the crust is just right in thickness. A total winner!
  • For those looking out for fresher, fewer and clean ingredients, with added nutritional values, these are the best crusts devoid of fillers, gluten, GMOs etc.

Comparison with other popular brands

califlour comparison

More information on the crusts

All crusts are gluten-free, with plant-based crusts non-diary as well. They are not kosher but are soy-free and corn-free. The crusts can be frozen and used whenever required. They stay fresh for up to 9 months.

Where can you buy Califlour Foods?

You can find local retailers worldwide and can also order directly from their site by visiting,


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Our Verdict

They are the leading providers of cauliflower based crusts. No leading brand can come close in terms of taste, freshness, and nutrition and they have a long shelf life. We urge you to try them and you can just not stop with one!

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