12 Best CBD Oil Brands of 2021 In UK 

CBD introduces the human body to a wide range of health benefits. The latest studies show highly promising results for this miracle product. Plus, there are so many indirect proofs that cannot be overlooked. CBD oil is a mixture of MCT oil and the Cannabidiol (CBD) compound. These two ingredients form the basis of our CBD Oil Tinctures and CBD Gel Capsules. Cannabidiol is one of the more than 100 plant phytocannabinoids in the genus cannabis sativa. A cannabinoid is one of several different chemical compounds in the endocannabinoid system which acts on cannabinoid receptors.MCT (Medium-chain triglycerides) are a saturated type of fatty acid. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fat-soluble compound in combination with a lipid-like a fatty acid, so it is most effective and diffused for absorption. Below are the UK’s best CBD oil brands for pain relief, anxiety and sleep recovery.

List of The Top CBD Oils To Buy Online In UK

1. Blessed CBD


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Discover CBD in its most effective form, in full spectrum. Each drop comprises of hemp oil rich in phytocannabinoids, packed with effective cannabinoids and terpenes. The hemp plants used for their oils are grown organically and ethically, free of any harmful substances. To ensure high CBD potency, no flavouring is added – the taste may be very “earthy,” but the natural stuff is the powerful thing. 

Get this amazing CBD oil from Blessedcbd.co.uk available for $134.36

2. CBD Pure


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CBDPure Hemp Oil 600 was produced without compromise for those wishing to have a higher CBD concentration. Each daily CBDPure Hemp Oil 600 serving provides 20 mg of cannabidiol via clean, organic hemp oil. All their CBD hemp oils are tightly regulated in such a way that the finished product is always of exceptional quality. Their goods also go through independent laboratory testing by third parties to give their customers peace of mind. Their CBD oils are as pure as they come, using a supercritical CO2 extraction process. Almost all of the crops used for their products are non-GMO and are cultivated without any chemical aids.

Get this amazing CBD pure oil from Cbdpure.com available for $29.99

3. Medterra CBD

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The special 1:1 Medterra combination of CBD and CBG blends two potent cannabinoids to create this thrilling formula. Cannabigerol or CBG is a crucial component of the hemp plant’s wellbeing and is regarded as ‘The Mother of All Cannabinoids’ because most CBG is transformed into other cannabinoids inside the hemp plant. Unlike many other CBG tinctures on the market, CBG + CBD Tinctures by Medterra blend strong quantities of both CBG and CBD.                                              

Get this amazing Medterra CBD oil from Medterracbd.com available for $59.99

4. Love Hemp

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The operations of Love Hemp reside in London. They are a luxury business with a strong focus on producing quality goods. They only use organic hemp that has been painstakingly selected for their phytochemical properties to ensure all of their CBD oil products are top quality. This is to make sure you get undiluted CBD full-spectrum oil. No herbicides or pesticides are used during the production process for the hemp to keep it safe. During the extraction process they also use the highest medical grade of CO2 so every bit of nutritional goodness is extracted out of the crop.

Get this amazing love hemp CBD oil from Love-hemp.com available for $21.68

5. Endoca Raw

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If you are health conscious, and would always like to be at the responsible end of things, Endoca Raw should be your option business. Their activities are very aware of the environmental effects. They have 100 per cent organic and gluten-free vegan CBD oil. They also use supercritical extraction of CO2 to filter the CBD content out of the crop. Also, each small batch they make comes with their own report and list of ingredients. The one thing you have to say about their oil is their predictably heavy flavour. Because it is all-natural, some may find the taste a little too earthy.

Get the amazing endoca raw CBD oil from Endoca.com available for $15.54

6. Hempura Full Spectrum Original CBD oil

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The best-selling CBD oils from Hempura are stuffed full of safe, 100% organic cannabinoids without artificial tastes or colours. Hempura CBD is harvested from naturally grown cannabis plants, which are safely generated with no dangerous pesticides. Our highly respected 250 mg bottle of raw Hempura UK CBD oil is extracted from a special Cannabis Sativa hemp plant. Hemp is just the same plant from which cannabis derives, but is rather a variety that does not generate the same harmful drug effects as it produces near-zero THC. The super-filtration method makes the packing of a large amount of nutritional value into one drop of Hempura CBD oil.                                  

Get this amazing hempura oil from Hempura.co.uk available for $19.42

7. Love CBD oil

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The Gold CBD Oil is the latest, THC-free cannabis oil from Love CBD. Gold CBD Oil is formulated to have an effective yet mild flavor of cannabis owing to the broad variety of cannabis terpenes present inside – terpenes which is the cannabis plant’s herbal extract. Produced from a wide variety of golden cannabis extracts and blended with slight-tasting MCT oil to improve bioavailability, Gold CBD Oil is our fresh, THC-free CBD-rich.

Get this amazing gold CBD oil from Lovecbd.org available for $18.36

8. Cannubu

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One of the best CBD brands in the UK Now offering up to 10% on its products by using a coupon code. Use the cannubu coupon code “WELLNESS10” at check out. Shop now to save.

Get this amazing gold CBD oil from Cannubu available for €55

9. CBDfx

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CBDfx CBD OIL is produced with full-spectrum CBD to give you the full benefits of CBD. It is formulated with organic MCT oil that helps improve the product’s bioactivity and diffusion.Three separate potencies are required for CBD oil-500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg. They are unflavored varieties, which indicate they have the harsh taste of marijuana that they usually have.

Standard strengths available for CBD tinctures are (500 mg), extra strength (1000 mg), full strength (2000 mg), and maximum strength plus (4000 mg) are available from our Soothing Tinctures.

Get this amazing CBDfx Oil from CBDfx.co.uk for £59.98

10. Provacan

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One of the continuing goals of CiiTECH’s R&D team is to boost the bioactivity and efficacy of Provacan CBD oils by introducing additional active hemp substances into their tinctures. The theory behind this is characterized by a relatively new research finding dubbed the ‘entourage effect,’ which simply claims that CBD is more effective in treating pain and rehabilitation. As such, Provacan, as well as the non-psychoactive cannabinoids CBG, CBDv, CBC and THCVa, have also added a full terpene profile to their line of CBD oils.

Provacan CBD oil is available in 3 strengths at Handpicked CBD:

  • 600 mg (6 percent) of Provacan CBD oil contains 3 mg of CBD in each drop.
  • 1200 mg (12 percent) of Provacan CBD oil contains 6 mg of CBD in each drop.
  • 2400 mg (24 percent) of Provacan CBD oil contains 12 mg of CBD in each drop.

Get this amazing Provocan CBD Oil from Provacan.co.uk for $46.53

11. Nordicoil Oil

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Nordic Oil’s CBD oils are made from commercial hemp plants that are ethically grown and sustainable. While where their hemp plants are produced is not clearly mentioned, considering the origins of this company, it is fair to say they are derived from Europe. There is a very mild flavour in Nordic oil tinctures, which is a positive thing for those who find hemp’s earthy flavour a little off-putting. Nordic Oil specialises in the manufacture of CBD oil and has four separate formulations to produce a wide spectrum of CBD properties and possible medicinal effects that individuals intend to achieve from CBD, such as pain relief, elimination of anxiety, or better sleep.

This oil can be obtained in several different concentrations, 500 mg, 1500 mg, and 2500 mg options but in the United States, only. The remaining is all open in Europe.

Get this amazing Nordic Oil from Nordicoil.co.uk available for $34.89

12. Pasocbd

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Get this amazing Oil from Pasocbd.co.uk available for £54.95

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