Everything you need to know about the fastest spreading Wuhan CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus is spreading at a high speed in Asia. India was supposed to be safe from the virus but recently, the shocking news came out.

The first confirmed attack of CoronaVirus on an Indian is breaking news today. A student from South India has been diagnosed with this virus, declared the Wuhan University of China. The Indian government confirms that CoronaVirus has entered India. Although the Kerala student is now stable still the doctors have no say about what can happen next. The government is preparing to send the student back to India.

Now what? What really is CoronaVirus and why is it attacking the humans? Where did it come from? What are its health hazards? Can we do something to save humanity and ourselves? Continue reading to know more about it.

Introduction to CoronaVirus or Wuhan CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus was first discovered by the Wuhan University of China when they found out a case of pneumonia which later on was diagnosed with a new virus.

Normally a particular group of viruses is called CoronaVirus. This virus normally attacks birds and animals but recently, it has been reported attacking humans too.

The first case of CoronaVirus attacking humans was reported by Wuhan University of China on December 31, 2019. CoronaVirus is showing its communicable properties.

Usually, CoronaVirus attacks the respiratory system of human beings causing various respiratory infections and diseases.

The most common symptoms of CoronaVirus in humans is common cold in its rare forms like MERS and SARS.

The recorded attack rate of CoronaVirus is 106 deaths with 4500 infection cases in China. The first-ever person to have died from CoronaVirus was a man from Beijing, China.

Origin of CoronaVirus

Origin of CoronaVirus

CoronaVirus, also known as Wuhan CoronaVirus is a virus in China. The scientists are working on the cause of the virus to know more about its origin. But the absolute fact about it is that it is Zoonotic in nature.

According to rumors, CoronaVirus was known to have spread through a seafood market of China which is also a hub of illegally sold wildlife. The rumors have that the virus had entered a human’s body through a snake. 

Recent studies suggest that the virus could have spread through bats since they are the source of various other viruses too. Chinese people are very fond of dishes consisting of bats. This could be the reason for the spread of CoronaVirus.

There is no actual evidence of how this virus took place into human lives and now is a death threat to us all. The most we know is that it originated in China. Scientists are working on the virus to give us more detailed information about the same.

How does CoronaVirus attack you?

How does CoronaVirus attack you

CoronaVirus is a communicable virus that is spreading fast all over the globe by just the touch of a hand. There are various ways in which this virus can attack a human being.

Since this virus came from an animal, it is expected that more such animal consumption can be hazardous to human health until the World Health Organization finds a solution to the problem.

How does CoronaVirus spread/causes?

CoronaVirus is a communicable virus. Of all the cases of CoronaVirus being reported, most of them belong to Wuhan.

It is being discovered that the virus spreads through both direct and indirect contact from the person suffering from it.

Normally if someone having CoronaVirus touches something and then the other person comes in contact with that thing can get affected by CoronaVirus easily.

Breathing the same air in which the suffering of CoronaVirus coughs or sneezes can immediately make you the sufferer of the same.

CoronaVirus is spotted attacking the people in Wuhan and nearby areas which shows that immediately after the origin, the virus could have spread in these people through contact.

At present, the other countries that have been confirmed to be the victim of CoronaVirus are the United States, Vietnam, South Korea, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Cambodia, Thailand, and Singapore. Recently a case of India has been confirmed with CoronaVirus so the country is on the edge too.

Can CoronaVirus lead to death?

The virus that attacks your respiratory system can clearly lead to various chronic diseases such as pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and death as well.

According to the news, more than 170 people have died in China due to the effect of CoronaVirus which is spreading steadily to other countries.

The number of infected and in treatment is in the 2000s for the recent estimate.

How to stay at bay from the attack and spread of CoronaVirus

Since the virus is communicable, it is advised to maintain a distance from people who are usually found sneezing or coughing for a long time.

One must always wear a mask to be precautious and not touch the things other people suffering from CoronaVirus touches.

It is strictly advised that if you find someone suffering from cold for a long time, you must report it to the nearby hospitals and get the person tested for CoronaVirus.

Symptoms of CoronaVirus

Treatment of CoronaVirus

Since the symptoms of CoronaVirus include the common cold and it’s formed, the treatment has to be the same way.

Here are some steps to get rid of CoronaVirus:

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink as many fluids as you can.
  2. Pee enough so that the infection gets out of your body in this way.
  3. Take proper rest. This will save others around you from getting infected too.
  4. Take pills that you take for a common cold. Children below the age of 19 must not take any pills for this because it can develop into a superbug.

There are various ways to get rid of CoronaVirus but it is suggested to take a professional’s help in this situation.

The World Health Organization is working on the problem and soon we will have a world free of CoronaVirus but as of now, be precautious and extra attentive towards the virus as it is a health hazard at a global scale for the moment and also a matter of concern for the whole of humanity.

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