Japan Candy Box Review– Yummy Japanese Candies at your Doorstep

Bring the sweetness of Japan right at your doorstep with delicious candies and snacks which are lip-smacking. These snacks give you an authentic Japanese experience as you get to savor them and enjoy the experience-month after-month. Get everything from Tokyo to your doorstep in a matter of days!

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What’s Available on the Japan Candy Box?

When you order from the Japan Candy Box, you get access to the choicest candies and snacks from the Land of the Rising Sun.
Varieties include:

  • Popular snacks-Yummy candies and chocolates favored by generations in Japan.
  • Traditional treats – indulge in traditional flavors of Japan like wasabi. It tastes absolute yum and will leave you asking for more.
  • DIY candy kits– This is the highlight of the box. You can create delicious candies in your favored size and shape by following the instructions given. Each box includes one of these.
  • Japanese chocolates –Indulge in the goodness of popular chocolates like KitKat, Meiji Chocolate, and others.
  • Japanese exclusives – Now these are difficult to find snacks which we usually have to go hunting for. The Candy Box has decided to include candies like limited edition Pocky to boost your chocolaty experience. This is a thoughtful and winning gesture on their part.
  • Dagashi– These are popular snacks which are cheap, easy-to-get and to be munched-on-the-go. These treats are a feast for the eyes and usually come in colorful packages. Popular ones include Umaibo puffed corn snacks and the like.

What are the Brands Available?

Popular brands available include

  • Hi-Chew
  • Pocky
  • Kit-Kat
  • Bourbon
  • Senbei
  • Calbee
  • Meiji and a lot more!

What we Loved about the Japan Candy Box?

Many customers feel it’s the best candy box they’ve ever received which speaks on the quality, taste, and variety in the box. The box doesn’t disappoint with its assortment of sweets and pains are taken to include chocolates that taste different and cover a variety of them. The DIY candy kit is a huge hit with families who loved shaping up little yummy treats. If you are a lover of candies and sweet treats, this is an ideal choice for you.

What are the Benefits of Subscribing to the Japan Candy Box?

  • Direct door delivery – the best snacks from Japan directly delivered to your doorstep
  • Limited Edition Snacks – a lot of exclusive and limited edition snacks are found in the box.
  • Choose from the different plans available
  • Get a FREE Box when you invite friends. They get $5 off too.
  • Free shipping – Yes, it’s free shipping worldwide Awesome, isn’t it?
  • You can join the Candy Box community and every month, one lucky fan gets a Japan Candy Mega box – worth US$100.

What are the different Plans Available?

Monthly Plan
US $19.9/month

  • Exclusive snacks every month
  • Free shipping
  • Cancel Anytime

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6 Months Plan
US $18.9/month

  • Exclusive snacks every month
  • Free shipping
  • Save US$6

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12 Month Plan
US $17.9/month

  • Exclusive snacks every month
  • Free shipping
  • Save US$24

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All those out there with a sweet tooth, its value for money all the way Try it once and you will continue subscribing again and again.

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