OLIPOP – A New Kind Of Healthy Soda

OLIPOP is like the regular sodas you drink every day but with many added benefits. OLIPOP contains microbiome, plant fiber, prebiotics, and no added sweeteners so you can enjoy your soda and be healthy and the same time. It also takes care of your digestive health. OLIPOP comes in various flavors such as Ginger Lemon, cherry Vanilla, Blackberry Vanilla, Classic Root Beer, and many more. We will recommend you some of their best sellers here.

1. Classic Grape

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Classic Grape is made out of real concord grape juice with a hint of lime, Apple Juice Concentrate, Cassava Root Syrup to create the perfect blend of sweet and tart.

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2. Classic Root Beer

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Made with Chicory Root Inulin, Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin, Nopal Cactus, Calendula Flower, Kudzu Root, Marshmallow Root, and Cassava root syrup it will give you a creamy and sweet taste. Its the kind of beer we recommend drinking. You can pair it up with your favorite ice cream.

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3. Vintage Cola

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Its tastes the same as the cola you grew up drinking but on the healthier side. It has distinct notes of vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel. If you’re craving cola drink it instead of those unhealthy ones in the market.

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4. Strawberry Vanilla

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This strawberry vanilla is one of my favorites among these flavors. It tastes just like creamy strawberry juice and it’s very refreshing.

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5. Ginger Lemon

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Ginger Lemon has a very complex yet perfectly balanced taste which comes from Ginger followed by the Caribbean and European mulling spices and lemon juice. It’s a perfect refreshment drink to start your day.

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6. Orange Cream

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It tastes just like the orange pop we used to eat during our childhood days. It’s very creamy and tangy in taste.

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