Top 10 Diet Foods For Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding being the major post pregnancy necessity, it is important that the baby gets all the right and essential nutrients necessary for growth during this process. Breast milk alone provides a lot of immunity that even vaccines cannot. Though not all mothers prefer breastfeeding, it is essential for the newborn. Mothers during the breastfeeding phase tend to feel hungrier as the food they eat is feeding two people. Though not many changes are to be made in the diet while breastfeeding, few foods are to be included.
Let us check out the top 10 foods that are essential during breastfeeding:


oatmealOatmeal tends to increase milk supply and is also a source of iron which helps fight anemia. They also contain beta-glucans, phytochemicals, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates which promote milk supply. Oatmeal releases oxytocin and relaxin which help with milk flow. Instant oatmeal or oatmeal cookies are commonly suggested during post pregnancy.

Green Leafy Vegetables

VegetablesLeafy green vegetables like spinach are the best source of iron, vitamin C, and A. These vitamins are essential for baby growth along with antioxidants which are important for both the mother and the newborn. They also contain phytoestrogens which promote milk production. These green powerhouses can be consumed raw by adding them in salads or burgers or also make them into smoothies.


SalmonSalmon is a great choice when fish is one of the favorites of the new mom. They contain DHA and protein that is essential for the baby’s nervous system. Studies also suggest that omega 3 present in salmon is good for retaining muscle mass in mothers and also for the baby’s brain. Salmon with greens or a salad including salmon and spinach is power combination for breastfeeding moms or just a simple baked flavored salmon will do too.


legumesLegumes like beans, peas, lentils are a rich source of protein and iron content, especially for vegan mothers. Particularly kidney beans and black beans ensure a healthy milk supply. They are easily available and affordable and a great source of nonanimal protein. They can be included in stews, dips, salads or just cook them and eat as a side dish.


EggsEggs contain vitamin A and b12, riboflavin, protein, zinc, and DHA which fulfill the protein requirement of both the mother and the baby. They help in strengthening the newborn’s bones and muscles hence, play a major role in post pregnancy diet. Boiled eggs, egg sandwich or just add them in salads and they are good to go.


AlmondsThey are packed with proteins, fiber, and calcium which are necessary for strength in both mothers and newborns. They help in better milk production along with increasing sweetness and creaminess of the milk.  Eating almond in their natural form or drinking almond milk will help a lot.

Brown Rice

brown riceBrown rice provides energy for the mothers and also improves milk production. According to research, brown rice increases serotonin, which is major and key hormone in lactation. They also contain beta glucan which is important for post pregnancy phase. Brown rice can be substituted with white rice and could be just a good flavored brown rice recipe or a nice Indian biryani.


BlueberriesThese berries are important because of their antioxidant properties which help in preventing diseases in the infant. They also contain vitamin A and C which provides the extra nutrition needed. They can be used as a topping on cereals or also added in yogurt or even better add them in oatmeal.


OrangesThese fruits are again rich in vitamin C and citrus fruits are considered essential in post pregnancy diet. Vitamin C plays an important role in growing healthy teeth and bones of the newborns. They also promote tissue growth. Two small oranges per day or just a long glass of orange juice will be beneficial.


YogurtYogurt and other dairy products are important during the breastfeeding phase. Yogurt is rich in probiotics and healthy proteins; it provides nutrition and helps in better milk production. Greek yogurt is considered the best option and can be consumed with tasty toppings like nuts, granola, strawberry or can be eaten with any other fruit.
This post pregnancy phase is very important for the infant and it is the responsibility of the new mother to see to it that essential nutrients are reaching the baby. Just go grab and eat the mentioned foods and they will do their work efficiently.

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