Ketogenic Girl Review – Lose Weight in 28 Days with the ’28 DAY Keto Challenge’

The Ketogenic Girl is a website by bestselling author and speaker Vanessa Spina who shares everything related to Keto like tips and hacks, answers all your Keto based doubts and also features top Ketogenic lifestyle experts, authors, and physicians from around the world! Vanessa believes in the healing power of food and believes that the Ketogenic diet is the most incredible and exciting way of eating and she has made her website the one-shop stop for all things Keto! Her 28 Day Keto Challenge is famous worldwide and has many takers who have successfully benefitted from it.

Ketogenic Challenge

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What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Keto Diet

This is for all readers out there who are unfamiliar with the Ketogenic diet! The Ketogenic diet is a diet which is low in carbs and high in fat. It can optimize health and vitality and all sugars and processed foods are replaced with healthy fats and quality proteins. In a Ketogenic diet, rather than depending on carbs for energy, stored fat is used as a primary source of energy and thus ensures weight loss.

What’s Available on the Ketogenic Girl Website?

Ketogenic cook
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Ketogenic 28 Day Accelerated
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  • The most sought-after item on the website is the 28 Day Keto Challenge which shows up significant results in a matter of 28 days under her complete guidance.
  • Besides this, you get to subscribe to her mailing list and get access to her free eBook Keto Reset and delicious Keto recipes.
  • Various meal plans which you can pay for and get to download complete with recipes, weekly shopping list, quick start guide, FAQs on Keto etc
  • All videos and recipes related to the Ketogenic Diet
  • Keto related shopping and clothing gear like t-shirts and caps
  • Keto Essentials Cookbook
  • PODCAST to learn about all things KETO
  • Keto FAQs and a lot more

What is the Popular 28 DAY Keto Challenge all about?

Delicious Meal Plan with No Exercise!

This is an excellent Keto diet plan which is spread across 28 days and is the best choice for weight loss and optimal health. This plan speeds up and simplifies your transition into being keto-adapted and ensures you get all the high ketones which indicate the burning of fat.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do is to purchase the 28 Day Accelerated Meal Plan and Ketogenic Girl Challenge for $159.00.
Following the confirmation of your purchase, you get to join the Facebook group Support & Fun Keto Community the link of which will be sent to you. The meal plan contains the following:
Ketogenic Recepies

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Post photos of your meals on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and share them along with the hashtag #KetogenicGirlChallenge for re-posts by KetogenicGirl and win exciting prizes.
If You fail to lose weight: In order to qualify for 100% Money Back Guarantee, meal plans must be followed according to guidelines and weight recording must be done.

What are the Benefits of the Challenge?

  • This meal plan is ideal for fast weight loss and having high energy and an optimally functioning body.
  • You get weekly shopping lists as well as recipes, so no hassles over choosing the right recipe and scouting market aisles for those elusive ingredients.
  • All macros are calculated for you and there’s no need to keep track
  • All tried and tested recipes.
  • The 100 Day Money Back Guarantee is available for those who do not lose weight in 28 days where 100% of your money is refunded.

Other Meal Plans

We loved the Ketogenic recipes on this site which are quick, easy to prepare and with minimally available kitchen ingredients. Other popular meal plans which you can buy from the site include:

  • Build your Day Custom Meal Plans – $249.95
  • No-Cook Build Your Custom Meal Plan $49.85

Why is this Site the Best for Ketogenic Diets and all Keto Related Stuff?

The best part of the Ketogenic Girl is that the author Vanessa Spina is her total dedication to the primary focus of using Keto diets to change your life. She speaks from her own personal experiences of coming down from 165 pounds to her current weight through a Keto diet. Her 28 Day Keto Challenge has helped loads of people lose weight and what’s more- she provides you phenomenal support throughout.
Besides, there are videos, recipes, Keto FAQs and expert articles and videos on everything Keto under the sun! Nowhere would you find so much covered in one website – and most of it for free!


“I have been following the advice of @ketogenicgirl and here we go I lost well over 60 pounds in 3 months I got rid of my diabetes and got rid of my high blood pressure and cholesterol… I like the new me lol. Things can completely change for us no matter what health condition we are currently in. I am 37 and I’ve been getting asked for my ID at the liquor store now!”

Ketogenic Girl Reviews

Returns and Refund

For all apparels, you get refunds or returns if returned in good condition within 14 days of purchase. There’s no refund for eBooks and meal plans.


The Ketogenic Girl is one of the best sites we have come across for Keto dieters. Her 28 Day Keto Challenge has helped many people lose weight and since the author speaks from her personal experience we can vouch for its authenticity. The flipside is that the Plans seem a tad expensive but when the results show, you just forget it all!

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