Microbe Formula Review – Best Organic Supplements for All Round Health

The Microbe Formulas products are the only known products with a detox system in the market that contains BioActive Carbons to restore a healthier you. They create completely natural products to help you live a healthier life. Their range of products is carefully formulated and aid your better health. They continue to innovate to help you achieve a healthy microbiome. The rand was cofounded by Dr.Todd Watts and Dr.Jay Davidson who are passionate about creating products that support you in your efforts to overcome physiological inhibitors to your well-being.


Mimosa Pudica Microbe
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Microbe Formula 1
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Microbe Mechem
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What are the products available on Microbe Formulas?

All the products on Microbe Formulas are designed to restore and have a healthier you. Products are for immune and digestive support and bioactive carbon products.

Top Products include:

  • Mimosa Pudica
  • Formula 1
  • Intestinal Mover

Other Products include

  • BioMolecular Oxygen
  • BioActive Carbon Iodine
  • BioActive Carbon Foundation
  • BioActive Carbon MetChem
  • BioActive Carbon BioTox
  • Kidney & Liver Detox
  • Lymphatic Detox

BioMolecular Oxygen – $52.00
While Biomolecular Oxygen gives the general medical advantages of healing, elevating the body’s capacity to free itself of biotoxins, and assimilation of free radicals, the most widespread advantage is as a help to any wellbeing and health protocol. Biomolecular Oxygen is fantastic as a calming agent, which is particularly useful for individuals who are extremely delicate or have a tendency to respond to various stimuli.
Mimosa Pudica – $39.95
Microbe Formulas is the first distributor of Organic Mimosa Pudica: Immune and Digestive Support containing just natural mimosa pudica seed. Not at all like the entire plant, or plant part, natural Mimosa Pudica seed is an extremely sticky, fat-dissolvable plant material, which backs and helps clear the intestinal tract.

Why should you opt for Microbes Formula products?

  • None of their products contain fillers, additives, excipients.
  • They are gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, nut-free and GMO-free!
  • All products include correct ingredients and ratios to leave you in the pinkest of health. They have been formulated after years of research.
  • They help you achieve a healthy microbiome.
  • Get relief from all types of health problems like constipation, digestive issues, heal your organs, overcome biotoxins and enable vital functions of the body.
  • All products improve the overall health and functioning of the body.
  • All Microbe Formulas™ products are shipped within 1-2 business days
  • Transportation to the US and Canada is a level rate of$7.95 for orders under $99, and free dispatching for requests of $99 or more.
  • Transporting outside of US and Canada is a level rate of $24.95. They as of now don’t ship to Germany, Mexico, New Zealand or Africa.
  • You can follow the Microbes Formula Protocol as a guide for complete detoxification and well being.
  • The Microbe Formulas Protocol is a rule that you can use to help your adventure to wellbeing. Every one of us is extraordinary. Tune in to your body and spot the symptoms you are attempting to calm.
  • 60-day, no questions asked full refund.

The Microbe Formulas Protocol

Each phase of the convention can be acclimated to address your issues. In case you have an inclination that you have to back off or slow down with a specific end goal to make the adventure to wellbeing, you can.
What are the three phases of the protocol?
Phases Microbe
Use the chart to help you know when to take each of their products while you are on the famous Microbe Formulas Protocol.
Microbe intestinal

Ratings from Customers

  • A brand is as good as how its customers rate it. All products on Microbes Formula manage to secure above 4 stars out of 5 and many products like the Mimosa Pudica, Formula 1 etc are extremely popular.

We rate the products an overall rating of 4.6/5 stars taking into account various factors like cost, quality, ease of shipping, naturally available ingredients and customer feedback.


We can safely say that Microbe Formulas’ products are the best and genuine microbiome detox products in the market which contain BioActive Carbons. These products are 100% organic and help remove, repair and restore your body to its healthiest best. Opt for them and avail the best prices and ship them to any corner of the world. After all, organic and vegan is the way to go!

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