GTFO It’s Vegan Review

GTFO It’s Vegan is the biggest online retailer, wholesaler, and distributor of well-picked vegan items. They are available for people who are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, allergic to certain foods (dairy, gluten, etc.), or who simply want to eat and live healthier.
They look for the most recent developments in vegan and plant-based cuisine from around the globe, including meat, fish, cheese, and dairy products, as well as bakeries, snacks, and much more.

About GTFO

We are aware that there is a high demand for vegan cuisine on the market as more individuals choose a vegetarian diet.

On Friday, May 15 2020, in the thick of the pandemic, Marc and Tanya Pierce, a husband and wife partnership, opened the internet store GTFO It’s Vegan.

“The name we decided on for the business is based on our official company name GreaTFOods It’s Vegan, but it is intended to trigger the same reaction you may think”, claims Marc. When you use our products, we want you to immediately think, “GTFO It’s Vegan!” ”

The Pierces are praising GTFO It’s Vegan’s debut as a component of the “New Age Vegan” movement. Without compromising the pleasure of eating a meal, we aim to appeal to everyone, even those who may not be vegans today but are looking to eat and live better.

They made it really simple for vegans to enjoy their lunch thanks to their new innovation in vegan items. In order to maintain the sustainability of our environment, GTFO It’s Vegan aspires to become the most significant business in this century. They want to improve everyone’s quality of life in the world.

Tanya Pierce said that their “mission is to become one of the most important companies in this century to ensure the sustainability of our environment. While we are starting with online retail, we are quickly expanding to become a vegan exclusive distributor and will also soon open retail stores. And vegan groceries are just the start; we will expand into vegan clothing, make-up, and many other categories that currently use animal products.”

They have over 400 products on their platform today and the number is growing daily to ensure a wide range of products. The company currently ships anywhere in the US within 24 to 72 hours.


They have a large variety of vegan products like seafood, bakery, vegan meat, pantry, cheese and dairy products, vegan foods for your pet, and many more. They made it so easy for vegan people to enjoy their meals with different ranges of products. You wouldn’t miss the cheese on your pizza, the seafood, or the meat in your burger because they have it all. Let’s see some of their amazing products:

1. Vegan 1 Piece Chicken Breast by All Vegetarian

This 1 piece of imitation chicken breast by All Vegetarian Lingers with the true taste of chicken that is 100% Vegan! This one-piece chicken breast can be cooked up with veggies, placed on a kebab, or even served with a salad! Their products are one of a kind and want to make the world a better place. As they say, No more killing, be healthy and loving.

It contains Non-GMO textured soybean protein, wheat protein concentrate, wheat fiber, carrageenan, white pepper, sea salt, brown sugar, Non-GMO soybean oil, natural vegetarian seasoning, and sunflower seed oil.

Buy this on GTFO for $6.99.

2. Plant-Based Applewood Smoke Bacon by OZO

Sizzling, crispy, delicious plant-based bacon. With signature applewood smoke flavor, zero cholesterol, and over 50% less saturated fat than pork bacon, this bacon will satisfy all your bacon cravings, from morning until night. Bite into it to believe it.

It contains Water, Protein Blend (Rice Flour, Wheat Protein, Soy Protein, Pea Protein), Modified Food Starch, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavor, Sustainable Palm Oil, Contains 2% or Less of: Yeast Extract, Salt, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Lecithin, Natural Smoke Flavor, Beet Powder, Xanthan Gum, Tapioca Starch, Dextrose, Sodium Citrate.

Buy now on GTFO for $9.99.

3. Lobster by Lily’s Vegan Pantry

Boil the lobster in hot water, and let it cool down. Slice the lobster and marinate with desired sauces. Feel free to serve cold, stir fried or stewed

It contains Water,  Yam Flour, All Purpose Flour, salt, calcium hydroxide, and seasoning flavor.

Buy it now on GTFO for $14.99.

4. Vegan Carrot Lox By Goldie Lox

Goldie Lox is smokey, salty, dilly, and delicious. This plant-based alternative for smoked salmon is a playful reimagination of the classic deli delight. It is made from whole organic carrots, making it naturally gluten free, vegan, and environmentally friendly. This is great for brunch parties, picnics, or to eat with a vegan cream cheese for a tasty breakfast treat. This flavorful fish alternative will have even your most carnivorous friends asking for more.

It contains organic carrots, organic dill, salt, and tamari (water, organic soybeans, salt).

Buy it now on GTFO for $11.99.

5. Sunny Side Up Eggs Pack Of 10

This ‘imitation’ egg substitute is alluring in many ways beyond just breakfast. As versatile as it is tasty, you can create  an ‘anytime meal with this popular vegan treasure.

It contains Non-GMO Soy Bean Paste, Non-GMO Tofu, Non-GMO Soy Bean Skin, Pumpkin Paste, Green Bean Paste, Salt, Vegan Seasoning, White Pepper Powder

Buy it now on GTFO for $19.99.

6. Chili Puffed Kelp Snacks by 12 Tides

Kelp with a bit of a kick…a must-try! Crafted by a James Beard nominated chef, these Chili Puffed Seaweed snacks are undeniably delicious! These baked snacks are far from greasy chips and crackers and still give you a satisfying crunch!

It contains North American kelp, rice, tapioca, everything mix (onion, garlic, poppy seed, sesame seed, black sesame seed, caraway), sunflower oil, kale, tamari (soybeans, salt), and sea salt.

Buy it now GTFO for $5.19.

7. Blackberry Sorbet 4pk by Alden’s Organic

These bars get their flavor from real organic blackberries but their hidden talent is their silky smooth texture. Say goodbye to hard ice pops, there’s a new fruit bar on the block

It contains Water, Blackberries, Cane Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Red Beet Juice Concentrate (Color), Natural Blackberry Flavor, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum*, Citric Acid, and Pectin.

Buy it now on GTFO for $6.69.

Shipping and Refunds

if any item within your order has the COLD SHIPPER which includes a recyclable corrugated box, recyclable liner, and coolant (including dry ice and/or recyclable gel packs, it must arrive within 2-days. We have thoroughly tested our cold shippers and cannot guarantee items will arrive at the required temperature if it takes more than 2 days to arrive.

If your product has the SHELF STABLE label that indicates that the product can be sent with the less expensive ground shipping option and can take 1-5 days to arrive, depending on where you are in the U.S. Every product in your order must have SHELF STABLE tag for it to be shipped via ground shipping.

They require up to 24-36 hours to process your order. We only ship MON-THU each week. Any 2-Day Air packages can only be only shipped on MON-WED each week.

If you choose a refund, Route will refund you ONLY the cost of the groceries. Please contact [email protected] to have the shipping fees refunded or to receive a store credit towards your next purchase.


After reviewing GTFO It’s Vegan we can definitely say that its one of the best companies for vegan foods. If you are a vegan or planning to be one this company should be on top of your list. Their products are of the highest quality and of great taste. You wouldn’t even miss your non-vegetarian foods and you can take our word on that.

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