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Hello100 is a longevity platform backed by biohackers, geeks, athletes, and everyone who aims to extend their quality of life.  Hello100 manufactures a pill called NMN that can boost your longevity genes and slow down aging through science.

All living things include the chemical NMN, which is essential for raising NAD+ levels. In order for our cells to function, the latter is a necessary component that is present in all living things. Catalysts for metabolic reactions in our bodies include NAD+ enzymes. You can maintain and boost your body’s levels of NAD+, which can help to slow down, stop, or even reverse ageing, by taking NMN supplements.

However, you might not be aware that NMN, when taken orally, is subject to harsh circumstances in the gastrointestinal track, which lowers the supplement’s stability and bioavailability. Supplements that aren’t liposomal also have lower cellular absorption. The amount of a chemical that actually reaches your bloodstream and provides the desired health effects is known as bioavailability. Most of the NMN in normal capsules won’t enter the bloodstream when you take them.

So, to avoid this type of situation, and to make sure that NMN gives you its full health effects, Hello100 took a different approach:

  1. A novel, all-encompassing delivery mechanism used by Hello100 increases the absorption of NMN.
  2. To further boost the bioavailability, Hello100 is available as a pill that combines liposomal technology with other active components including betaine (also known as TMG).
  3. Liposomes significantly improve product delivery by increasing cellular absorption. In order to distribute its active chemicals to the cell, it binds to the cell membranes.
  4. protected NMN from the digestive tract’s highly acidic environment.

Hello100 NMN+ Supplement

Together with researchers, experts in molecular regenerative medicine, and biohackers, the Hello100 liposomal NMN compound was developed. Every ingredient in the Hello100 pill was chosen with care to help raise NAD levels and longevity-related genes. The use of liposomal technology was chosen to improve cellular uptake and shield Hello100 liposomal NMN components from challenging gastrointestinal conditions. The highest standards are upheld by Hello100, and all items are third-party tested to guarantee your complete safety.

NMN supplements


  • Improves vascular health and blood flow enhances energy levels
  • Muscle endurance and strength  reduces the risk of heart disease
  • reduces the risk of obesity
  • aids in enhancing DNA repair maintenance
  • Improves mitochondrial performance
  • Enhanced Memory Enhances Metabolism
  • Vegetarian
  • GMP Accredited

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Hello100 Quality Tests

At Hello100, quality and safety are top priorities. On the basis of quality reports, the material suppliers are vetted. Facilities that adhere to GMP and HACCP regulations are used for the product’s manufacture. In the United States, each stage of the liposome production process is meticulously documented and evaluated. The highest standards are upheld by Hello100, and all items are third-party tested to guarantee your complete safety. By following the link below, you can see the Hello100 NMN stability report and the findings of independent lab testing.


For any things returned within 60 days of receiving them, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you return any unopened things within 60 days of receiving them, they’ll give you a complete refund. For items with at least 50% of the original product still in the bottle, they will return 50% of the original purchase price.

[wps_accordion style=”classic”][wps_accordion_item title=’What are the benefits of NMN supplements for the human body?’ open=’yes’ icon=’caret’ ]Numerous studies show how NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) helps the human body, including the heart, brain, and other organs’ general health. The advantages discovered by the investigations are: NMN products may help with weight loss as metabolism improves. This is because they have the following benefits: increased sensitivity to insulin; improved mitochondrial function; improved neural function in the brain; and suppression of adipose tissue inflammation (type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases), which is brought on by ageing.[/wps_accordion_item][wps_accordion_item title=’How much NMN do I need for increased energy levels?’ open=’yes’ icon=’caret’ ]NMN consumption can vary depending on the individual. Some people may experience a boost in energy after ingesting 250 mg of NMN products, while others may require as least 500 mg. In a mouse research, 100 mg of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) per kg per day significantly slowed the physiological decline associated with ageing. Based on such amount, the recommended daily dose for a typical adult weighing 62 kg (approximately 137 pounds) would be roughly 500 mg. This calculation is based on dividing the human dosage by a factor of 12.3 to match the rodent “volume of distribution.” [/wps_accordion_item][/wps_accordion]

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