Julian Bakery Review

What is Julian Bakery?

Julian Bakery was the first-ever bakery to take the initiative of making low-carb bread.

Nowadays, Julian Bakery is an initiative taken to provide only healthy and low carb food to the buyers. This bakery aims at baking products while keeping Paleo and Keto diet in mind.

Julian Bakery focuses on the healthy lifestyle of people who need to eat delicious but extra carb deficient.

Their products have 0% gluten, grain, and GMOs. Each and every product is made vegan-friendly to ensure a healthier diet of the users.

This bakery promotes Paleo, low-carb, low-fat and Keto movements.


What type of products does Julian Bakery sell?

The first-ever product of Julian Bakery was Paleo Bread. This bread was the first step of Julian Bakery’s success.

Nowadays, Julian Bakery sells different types of healthy and Paleo-style products. Some of their products are:

  • Keto Thin Bread
  • ProGranola Vanilla Cinnamon Cluster
  • Primal Thin Protein bar Sweet Cream
  • Paleo Thin Bread Almost, Coconut and Seed Medley Variety Pack
  • InstaKetones Protein Bar Orange Burst
  • Paleo Thin Protein Bar Sunflower Butter

… and the never-ending list never really ends.

All these products are delicious to eat along with 0 health risks. It is a must go for you if you are a fitness freak and foodie at the same time.

Why should you buy products from Julian Bakery?

Although the products of Julian Bakery at a bit overpriced but they are definitely worth a try. Everything that comes with 0 Gluten and grain is definitely worth a try.

Various other reasons to buy products from Julian Bakery are:

  • Their products are low-carb
  • Julian Bakery follows Keto movement
  • Provide Paleo products
  • They also provide free Shipping in America
  • Products are easily available all over the world. You can buy online or even knock the door of the shop
  • Julian Bakery’s products are reliable
  • They have a wide range of products.
Keto-Thin-Bread-Three-PackKeto Thin – Bread

Order Now for– $39.99
PrimalThin-Sweet-Cream-OrganicProtein Bar Sweet Cream

Order Now for – $25.99

Order Now for – $29.99

Return Policy

Julian Bakery does provide free returns and refund but there are a few restrictions.

They do not return any perishable items.

Items once opened cannot be returned.

Items cannot be returned on the basis of taste.

If a product is defective, the buyer must complain to the official website within 24 hours of buying with all proofs of the deal.

All non-perishable and on opened items can be returned within 30 days of receiving the order.

The company will find the items and you will be sent an mail to confirm your return.

Soon the refund will be transferred to your account.


Amanda P.

“I like the fact that the products are diet-friendly. They easily fit into my diet plan. The taste is a bit boring.”

Laura M.

“Fake products. Don’t buy. Their products are not at all gluten-free. There is no change in my shape. Also, they are too expensive.”

Tom C.

“Initially I got a defective product but they changed it immediately and now I’m totally satisfied with the purchase. It seems like I’m going to be their permanent buyer.”

James L.

“I like the initiative taken by Julian Bakery. I will support them. Taste doesn’t matter. Health does.”


Julian Bakery is a must go for you if you are tired of getting overweight. They do not promise a tasty product but their products are healthy and keto-friendly. Their newly taken initiative has introduced us to Paleo products which are definitely a go for all.

One good thing about the Bakery is that they are ready to refund your money back if the item is unopened and non-perished.

Free delivery all over the US is just the cherry on top.

What makes Julian Bakery a hit is the thoughtfulness of them towards others.

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