Kit Lender Review

About Kit Lender

Kit Loan is a Forrest Shinners-founded outdoor equipment and clothing rental business. Ski equipment and apparel such as gloves, goggles, caps, coats and ski pants are rented out by Kit Lender. Specialty underwear and socks can also be available.

Why You Should Buy From Kit Lender

1. Provides Affordable Outdoor And Skiing Equipment

A large variety of outdoor equipment is provided by Kit Lender. You could also choose and select the items of equipment are included in your allocated “pack.” All you have to do is select the appliances on the homepage and send it directly towards the front counter of the ski lodge where you are staying. When you are finished with the supplies, you are to place everything in the prepaid returned shipping envelope given and drop it at the front desk.

The “North Face Kit,” which arrives with top, trousers, glasses and gloves, and the “Marmot Kit,” that has a comparable list of products, are some of the most common kits. Each package comes with a limit of days allocated to be leased (usually three) and ranges from $30-$50.

2. Expanded Size Of Business

Shinners claims that Kit Lender will continue to expand and feels that other forms of sports equipment will finally be sold by the firm.

“They are currently concentrating on the renting of ski wear and supplying customers with high-quality equipment.”They can broaden into other sports or adventure trips in the future.”

They actually own all the equipment available on the website, but they have plans to switch to a purer type of sharing economy where users can exchange or hire their own equipment when they don’t need it.

The Best Selling Kit Lender Products

1. Complete Outerwear Kit- Womens Tipsy Elves (White/Vintage)

Complete Outerwear Kit- Womens Tipsy Elves

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Can you know the 1980s? It was an age of one-piece ski suits and sets of stickers. For your entertainment, these persuasive pieces of nostalgic fashion calls to mind each of those long-ago patterns. It is like, through a lens of hope, staring at the universe. We know you’re going to love your time wearing this questionably trendy ski outfit on the slopes-and everyone else is going to get a kick out of it too.

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2. Snow Boots

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With these lightweight winter boots that include mid-weight protection, a faux-fur hood and durable, temperature-sensitive laces, tackle low temps in luxurious fabrics to keep your feet ultra-warm.

  • Insulated, rugged, suede snow boots for women
  • Waterproof, suede-velvet upper
  • Water-resistant, 100% recycled P.E.T. ripstop cuff details
  • Detail of the faux-fur collar
  • Durable sole of TNF Winter Grip ® rubber
  • For improved grip, IcePick ® temperature-sensitive rubber lugs

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3. Goggles (Mens)

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Nothing compares to the widescreen vision from behind a pair of Smith I / O goggles, whether you want to see your landing or actually taking in the complete Mountain View. Balance the unhindered vision of their frameless architecture with our colour-boosting, contrast-enhancing ChromaPop ™ lens and the terrain just emerges in front you as quickly as you can take it all in. And don’t think about the fogging process. The I / O earns our maximum anti-fog care level and blends with our airflow helmets that hold the vision sharp in all weather conditions. The fast-release lens device lets you adjust your tint to the day easily.

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4. Pants (Women)- The North Face

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A comfortable stretch jacket, the North Face Apex STH Ski Jacket is sure to turn heads all over the hill and the village. Its WindWall cloth, fully windproof, suits as it was drawn on and travels the same way. Extendable waist tabs match well, while a discreet waist pocket offers a low-profile way to store the look without damaging it. You are covered about the knees by boot gaiters, keeping everything dry and warm in the snow.

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Best Selling Rental Kits

Toddler-Boys-Obermeyer Womens-Obermeyer
Women’s – Skea

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Toddler Boys – Obermeyer
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 Women’s – Obermeyer
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To really take the guess work out of it for you, our kit experts have designed many outfits. If you have most of the equipment and require just one item, please call a customer service agent at 888-473-3111 and/or search our separately leased products list.

After any use, all clothing is laundered and tested, returned to you as new. Both their gear is from this season or last season, so there is a fair possibility that in brand new gear you can reach the slopes.

For all the kits, they suggest protection. They recognise that any wear and tear can be unavoidable, and minor spills and damage are compensated by the insurance premium. Severe harm and fraud are not included by the insurance, however. When the merchandise is destroyed beyond repair, the fee is the item’s selling price. The fee is twice the selling price of the goods if the object is never returned.

They anticipate your shipment to arrive on time, but to ensure it is on budget, it is always easier to check the monitoring page. If it is postponed because of the weather or for some other reason, contact us immediately at 888-473-3111 so we have time to fix it.

Their rentals are mostly for 2-10 days. If you’re more involved, give them an email to [email protected] and they’ll see what they can do.

For individuals who plan on skiing for a holiday or just want to check out sweet new gear before continuing, the three-day window is safest. For more open-ended vacations with relatives or friends, the five- and ten-day windows are fantastic. If you want to prolong your journey, just give them a call and they will prolong the regular rate for your journey.

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