Thrivous Review – Best Nootropics And Other Supplements For Your Body

The Nootropics craze has caught on with the promises of cognitive enhancement with their nutritive value. However, there are plenty of fakes out there in the market who claim to be supplementary nootropics but are nothing but a flash in the pan. However, Thrivous doesn’t belong to this league. They are on a mission to develop and distribute the best nootropics in the market. They are ample substitutes to your diet for strong mental ability and Geroprotector for a healthy life. Their products are 100% natural, infused with some of the healthiest natural ingredients. The best sellers from their catalog include Clarity Daily Nootropic to enhance focus and memory and Vitality Geroprotector for anti-aging properties.

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Their motto according to their website says, “Our mission is to help you access technology with the greatest potential to improve your brain and body. To that end, we combine sustainable business, consensus science, and emerging technology into products and services that you’ll love.”. Read on to find out more on the brand and their products.

What are the Products available on Thrivous?

Thrivous Clarity
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Thrivous Surge
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Thrivous Vitality
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Their offer a choice of nootropics and geroprotectors which include

  • Clarity Daily Nootropic
  • Serenity Night Nootropic
  • Alpha NeuroProtector
  • Vitality Geroprotector
  • Tenacity Arthroprotector
  • Omega Cardioprotector and a lot more

Here’s a lot more on the best sellers

Thrivous Clarity is a nutritional product which is a nootropic. It is meant to improve cognition, mood, mental energy and helps relax your body. It is made up of the following ingredients. Rhodiola – helps you perform your tasks effectively and is used to boost your energy, mood, and focus.

  • Bacopa monnieri – a creeping herb that is used to boost your memory to make you more productive
  • Zinc – helps improve your moods and keep you a happy person.

Vitality Geroprotector

Vitality Geroprotector is a premium supplement used to enhance blood sugar and cell function. It is used to reduce aging. Each bottle contains the most effective natural geroprotectors, including clinical doses of Berberine, Milk Thistle (Silymarin), Blueberry (Anthocyanin) and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Why choose Thrivous Supplements?

  • Thrivous is committed to delivering products which give an enhanced improvement in the areas of memory, mood, focus and brain function, growth and anti-aging properties.
  • All their products have open-source formulas and evidence-based doses of the most effective nutrients.
  • All ingredients used in all the products are natural
  • The products are formulated after result backed research and strong scientific evidence backs up the positive results
  • Following several weeks of daily use, you will definitely experience long term results.
  • They ensure that all of the ingredients in Thrivous Clarity are safe. This is done by ensuring the suppliers of each ingredient subject them to a high-quality testing process for heavy metals, microbial, potency and so forth.
  • Strict GMP regulations from the FDA are followed and the facilities are both audited and certified.
  • To ensure you get only quality products, before shipping, products are tested for quality.
  • Complete transparency in each product with the provision of exact quantities of the ingredients contained.
  • Fast shipping and good customer care.
  • 100-day money back guarantee.

Shipping Details and Return Policy

Shipping is quite fast and the cost is based on your order. The Standard shipping within 6 business days to the US is free. They offer priority shipping within 3 business days to the United States at $5. International shipping costs to Canada and Mexico is $10 and to anywhere else in the world is $15.You have a 100-day money back guarantee wherein if you are not satisfied with their products, you get a full refund which we think is a pretty good offer.

Customer Support

You can always contact them at [email protected] for any queries. Their direct phone numbers are +1 801 658 9661 and +1 801 658 9661. Their response rate is good with knowledgeable staff able to solve all your queries.

Customer Reviews

Clarity and Improved Mood
Aaron Abbott
“I went into this not expecting much but man was I wrong! I feel a clarity and improved mood on the days I take this and can notice it not being there days I don’t. Great product and an even better company. Great customer support, fast shipping.”

Clarity wins the day
Rebecca Flinders
“I have been using Clarity for over a year. It is wonderful. It takes a little while to get into your system so it may take a month to start noticing the results. When you really can tell the difference is if you miss a dose for a couple of days after you’ve been taking it consistently for several months. It has really helped with overall brain function. Memory is better, clear thinking better with relief from depressive feelings. I highly recommend it and I recommend giving it 3 months of consistent use before you make the final judgment.”


Thrivous is the best when it comes to quality nootropics and power supplements. With certified premium quality products and a 100-day money back guarantee, you can try their products to arrive at a decision. We would recommend their products for the quality and the boost to your health they offer.

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