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Kegenix by Real Ketones is one of the keto supplement taken in the state of Ketosis when body uses fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.
In Keto diet ketone supplements are taken to get more energy as body is deprived of carbohydrates. Dr. Dominic D’Agostin first stated that how effective ketones are for overall physiacal and mental health in supplying energy.

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Based on this study Rob Rogers and Gary Millet, the founders of Kegenix believed that how ketones can help people and after 4 years of R&D kegenix was launched. It claims that body can enter state of keteosis in 60 min.

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What are the benefits Kegenix?

Ketone supplements are big help in achieving Keto diet goals and maintains state of ketosis. It is not easy to be in state of ketosis body feels very sluggish, lethargic and tired. Getting in state of Ketosis initially is not easy as body is used too of taking energy from carbs and takes lot of effort to signal body to use fat as source of energy. this transition period is little tough and here when ketone supplements are best to take. Kegenix supplement also helps stimulate metabolism and control the craving for food while burning fat and at the same time preserving lean muscle tissue

What are the Ingredients?

Kegenix claims that it’s product are natural and chemically-safe. Kegenix supplements includes

  • Medium chain triglycerides. Stabilizes blood sugar and enhances ketone production.
  • Beta-hydroxybutyric acid. Helps produce energy in people with low glucose levels.
  • L-leucine. Helps maintain anabolism in a calorie deficit state without stimulating glucose production.
  • L-lysine. Speeds up the burning of fat by conversion into L-Carnitine.
  • L-isoleucine. Aids in hemoglobin formation. Also, regulates blood sugar levels and increases energy.
  • Green Tea (leaf extract 10:1). Speeds up metabolism.
  • Erythritol. A low-calorie sweetener that does not affect the level of blood sugar in the body.
  • Rebaudioside A. A non-nutritive sweetener made from stevia extract.

Kegenix Patented Keto Products:

Kegenix Prime 30 Days/15 days

Flavors: Orange Blast, Lemon Twist

Kegenix PRIME increases energy and focus, controls food cravings and is completely safe and natural without any side affects

Priced at $89.99

Keto Meal

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla

Keto Meal is a complete meal to be taken in ketosis as one meal a day. It contains all the necessary macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals for a complete keto meal. Gives energy required to be in Ketosis, improve mental and physical health and improves overall metabolism of the body in keto diet.

Priced at $49.99 for 15 days serving

Keto Essentials

Keto essentials are tablet to be taken one a day, it make sure that body is not depleted of any nutrients in keto state.

  • Rich in D3, K2, and Other Vitamins
  • Full Suite of Ketosis Essentials Minerals
  • Immune & Cardiovascular System Support
  • Cortisol Level Regulation
  • Molecular Cell (Mitochondria) Support
  • Brain Function & Mood State Improvement
  • Testosterone & Hormone Levels Balance
  • Bone, Muscle, and Cramps Support
  • BCAA for Muscle Growth & Energy

Where to buy Kegenix?

You can buy direct from, take 5% discount when you subscribe to the site. It is also available at few other online retail sites like